sorry for being so inactive but i’ve been trying to avoid negativity and that’s literally impossible on tumblr… so yeah… idk how much i’ll be on anymore

Jin telling a Korean scary story.

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i’ v e   g o t   a   p l a n e   t o   c a t c h 


LOST / Collision - 2.08

Anonymous sent: I'm so proud of your new title





so am I, anon

so am I


r u fuckign kidding me

are you referring to the gif (which, I remind you, you made for me) or the blog title?

because I regret neither

reblogging just for that gif

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Anonymous said: Hello. I really admire your work. Even if you have your own “style”/”trace” in every drawing you do, you can yet recognize the character. I mean, for example, your Trevor/Michael still looks like Trevor/Michael. How you make/create the likeness in your drawings? I love many characters and I want to draw them, but when I try to, they don’t look alike.

hello, thanks! yeah, it’s tricky isn’t it? I’d say just watch your favorite television show and doodle a bunch of actor’s heads with variations, and see which ones feel most like the character they’re playing. Emphasis on ‘feel’, not ‘look’ - you can get away with changing things or using shorthands, so long as you indicate whatever you think are their trademark features strongly.. e.g. I like to interpret my fav Lostie as an egg with 3 beautiful essentials:


just observe measurements with care if you’d like more realistic likenesses. tooons are much more exciting imo but sometimes you wanna draw more on-model otp art for those m-rated videogames yanno

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lost: season 2 composed by michael giacchino

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A Haiku about Sayid


literally done with
everyone. Also very sad
he tortures people

First time I saw her was walking through this museum, few weeks ago. She, she works here. She was on her lunch break. She was eating a chocolate bar. She has these incredible blue, blue eyes, red hair. And, as soon as I saw her, right, right in that moment, it was like, it was like I already loved her. And that’s when things got weird. That same night after I saw that woman, I woke up and I wrote this.

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Maggie Grace just posted this and it is absolutely perfect. (x)